Clown Noir Reviews

“So refreshing to see really good theatre, I must thank you, you were/are brilliant. Absolute class, I laughed, I cried, a beautiful clown picture with the right amount of shade and light and dare I say it beauty. All the best with the run.”

“So beautiful, it made me cry”

“It was too short, where did the time go? We want more of you”

“You gave us time to really feel your emotions, we loved it, so different yet so real. Well done, when are you coming back?”

“To begin to write an accurate review of this show, the following must be made clear: A time zone is a region that has a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes.

“Well done Simon, still finding bits of glitter in strange places!”

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In this case the ” Social Purpose “, THAT TO ENTERTAIN, takes precedence, the myriad of emotions, the lifetime of expectancy, the highs, the lows, the light and the Dark all coalesce into a time and space all of their own, you live a life in all its excruciating agony, you have joyous highs, soul destroying lows, mirth, wit, laughter, you live a life not your own, through the power and empathy of the performer. So much so that when it ends you are faced with the uncertainty of the passage of linear time, was that a life time, a moment, an hour? To encapsulate this piece into a brief blurb is impossible, thus the power and majesty of the composition. Not a moment wasted, not a pause unused, nor a breath misplaced. The magnificence, the majesty, the abject sorrow of the life of a Clown. Designed to make all else laugh at the expense of their inner soul.”

“From the heart, very emotional performance”

“A great show, not what we expected from a clown show, we talked about it all the way home. It really made us think”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a brilliant show”

“Just home from the most entertaining, enjoyable show, well done Simon, if you were playing here again tomorrow night I would leave my bottle of Aldi wine and forego holding on to my Chackra for another evening of brilliant entertainment, Tina still laughing…”


“Simon Thompson’s Clown Noir took centre stage at the wonderful Spiegeltent on Monday afternoon in Arthur’s Quay, Limerick and provided us with a unique view and amusing insight into the life of a clown. First off, it must be said that this show is not aimed at kids. Admission is for 15’s and over and for good reason too as there is plenty of joyful swearing and sexual innuendo on exhibit throughout. This show claims we will witness “comedy, tragedy, joy and pathos” and succeeds in doing so in its one hour running time. The humour throughout is dark and plays with misconceptions that people have of clowns, while there are also surprisingly a few tender and well-constructed emotional moments to make us connect with this clowns journey. Being a one-man show, Thompson is tremendous from the start, whether it is a wry smirk of devilish intent or a moment of sadness as he addresses the despairs of his choice of career. Every movement and gesture is precise and with purpose and the physical aspects of his performance are excellent. What also helps is the partitioning and pacing of the show, each costume change is amusing waiting to find out what style he will adopt next and the singing segments mark a nice change of pace and show variety with none of the humour lost. Clown Noir is a dark, funny, well-performed piece of theatre bolstered by witty dialogue and a larger-than-life performance by Simon Thompson. If you want a uniquely clever and witty take on the life of a clown, be sure to check out Clown Noir.”

“Really loved the show, edgy and clever script with reverse psychology. Priceless moments with audience engagement. Well done” Joe Devlin, Focus Theatre

“It was super! All your little details and nuances of movement were so well thought through. I found the whole thing wonderfully unsettling :) Well done!”

“I had no idea what to expect from the performance but was very quickly drawn in, it was fantastic, I laughed but equally was very moved by it, well done.”